May 29 expedition ready to fly from base camp

The sun is shining up at base camp this morning and the planes are coming in right now.  They will be back in Talkeetna by noon, and plan to be in Anchorage tonight.

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May 29 team in base camp for the night

Durny called this evening from base camp and said that conditions and visibility has improved a bit, but it is still not flying weather in there.  They are eating dinner, and calling it a night, hoping to fly out tomorrow.

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May 29th team in base camp

We just got word from base camp and the team has arrived!  Unfortunately, the weather isn’t allowing planes to fly in and pick them up right now.  They cached some good food at base camp when they flew in, so they’ll be eating well and waiting for the planes.

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June 12 team at 11,000 ft/Camp 2

Caitlin called in this afternoon from Camp 2 after picking up their gear from the cache at 9,800ft and bringing it all up to C2.  They got up and enjoyed a big breakfast this morning before heading down for a relatively easy day of hauling some gear up the mountain.  They spent about 25 minutes…

May 29th Team at Camp 3

Durny called in from Camp 3 at 14,000 ft this afternoon.  They are resting up today in preparation to leave for base camp tonight.  It is going to be a long night for the crew, they’ll leave in the middle of the night and hope to be in base camp by morning.  They hope to…