June 10 Team Holding at 14 Camp

Guide Tyler called in the team’s report today. The team elected to take another day at 14 Camp, and wait for a clear, calm day to make the big move up to High Camp. It sounds like everyone is doing well and keeping spirits high!

Here’s Tyler:


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Team Snyder Moves to Camp 2

Under beautiful blue skies, the team made the move to Camp 2 at 11,200′.  It sounds like everyone is doing well and the team is making good progress up the glacier.


Here’s Allan with the day’s report:


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June 17 Team Caches at 13,700′

The weather report from the mountain has been thumbs up, and the team took advantage of clear skies to move a load of equipment and supplies from Camp 2 to a cache site at 13,700′.

Here’s Rawan with today’s update:


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West Rib Team Is At Camp 3

Lead Guide Fischer Hazen called in from 14,200′, where he, Dave Helland and Matt Park are all spending tonight, following a strong showing moving up from 11,200′ in about six hours.  They have been on the move daily for the past week and are looking forward to resting tomorrow, sleeping in and having lots of…

June 17 Pancoe Team Moves To High Camp!

Moving high in warm, clear weather, the Pancoe team made good time climbing up the steep fixed lines and out along the ridge that leads to High Camp.  Located at 17,200′ (5242m) on a small flat expanse atop the West Buttress, Denali’s High Camp is a challenging place.  Climbers need to build stout walls from…

Team Ema Carries Loads Around Windy Corner

Team Ema is on the move!  Today, they carried loads of supplies up and around a notorious feature on the West Buttress route – Windy Corner.  But, as Mountain Trip Guide Kaylee Walden shared in today’s update – not today.  It was beautiful and windless. The team climbed up a moderately steep slope right out…

West Rib Team – Cached Around Windy Corner

Dave Helland called in after the team carried loads around Windy Corner on what was, by other accounts, a windless day.  It’s been hot and the team has been moving well, trying to capitalize on the cooler early mornings. Today started out with a thousand foot climb up Motorcycle Hill.  The climbers have now donned…