May 10 Dagg West Buttress at High Camp, likely making their summit push TODAY!

Mountain Trip guide Jason Denley called in from 17,200′ on the West Buttress, after the team made their move to High Camp.

They will make their summit push TODAY 5/26. Here’s Jason:

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May 21 West Buttress Team moving to Camp One

Mountain Trip climber Don Cash called in an update on the May 21 Denali West Buttress team. They awoke up at 3 a.m. to near daylight and an unfortunate 8 inches of snow that collapsed their kitchen tent–which they were able to hastily repair. They broke down and packed up their camp at 7,200′ Denali…

May 10 Dagg team taking weather day at 14,200′

Guide Zach Keskinen called in an update on the May 10 West Buttress Expedition with Brian Dagg.

Like other Mountain Trip teams, they were prevented from moving up to High Camp from Camp Three at 14,200′ due to poor weather conditions.

Here’s Zach!

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