May 13 Everest Expedition Dispatch

It was a beautiful day for a hike above Basecamp! After another delicious breakfast, we headed down the glacier and up the West side of the Khumbu Valley to a little 18,000ft high point overlooking Everest base camp and with amazing views of the upper slopes of Mount Everest. It looked like a pretty windy…


May 12 Everest Expedition Dispatch

It was a rest day at Mountain Trip Base Camp today. Spending time resting, recovering, and acclimating here at our base camp is an inevitable part of any Everest Expedition. We keep ourselves entertained in a variety of ways, and the days actually seem to go by pretty quickly here. We’ll generally have breakfast shortly…


May 6 Denali Team Update

The May 6 Denali West Buttress team called in yesterday evening from Camp 1 with an update on their trip’s progress. After caching some supplies higher up on the route to lighten their load for the climb, the team returned to Camp 1 to spend the night before beginning the next round of their ascent and…


May 10 Everest Expedition calls from Base Camp

Vanessa called in to HQ early this morning for a quick update on Mountain Trip’s Everest Expedition, who have successfully returned to Base Camp after a round of acclimatization. Before descending, they had reached their highest point to date, above Camp 2. The team awoke and began to prepare for their descent at 4 a.m., departing…


May 6 Denali Team Calls From Camp 1

Grant Maughan called in from 7,800′ on the broad Kahiltna Glacier after the team successfully moved five miles up the West Buttress route, on their journey to climb Denali.  They got a very early start, but still encountered warm conditions, with some episodes of thick snowfall.

Here’s Grant!

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