Ski team calls in from high camp

Here’s the evening call from the ski team at high camp.  The winds have dropped off this evening and they are hoping tomorrow will be as nice as tonight.  They are planning to head for the summit in the morning.

Here’s the evening call.

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Weather Day at high camp

The June 22nd team is ready to go for the summit, but the weather just isn’t cooperating.   It is a pretty clear day, but the winds are blowing hard up there right now and they are sitting tight in camp.  It needs to be a pretty decent day for them to push up to 20,320…

Long trip down the mountain

The June 19 team is heading down the mountain tonight, and if the weather cooperates they hope to be in base camp tomorrow.   It’s been an almost perfect trip for them, weather-wise, so let’s hope their luck holds out.   They hope to be traveling down thru the lower Kahiltna glacier during the early morning hours…

June 26th Crew up to Camp 3

The team moved up to Camp 3 today at 14,200 ft.  Sounds like they had a great day, and everybody is doing great.   They will be here for the next several nights acclimating and preparing to move up to high camp.

Cian called in tonight.  Click below to listen.

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Ski Trip at High Camp

They had a nice day at high camp today, picked up some gear from their cache on the ridge, and are ready to go for the summit tomorrow morning.   They are doing great and hope to go early tomorrow.  We’ll post any updates we get as the day goes by. Here’s the evening call. [audio:|titles=Audio…

June 12 team in Talkeetna

The team is back in Talkeetna and they were enjoying breakfast at the Road House when they called. It was a good cold night on the glacier last night, so they were able to walk down on a frozen surface relatively easily.  It can be pretty challenging this time of year if the snow surface…

Ski team at high camp

They made it up to high camp at 17,200 ft after breaking trail through 1 1/2 feet of new snow today.  It turned into a nice evening, and they settled into camp next to another Mountain Trip team who summited today.  They plan to take a rest day tomorrow after a pretty tough day today,…

June 19 Team on the Summit!!

Jacob just called in from the summit of Denali!  They had to break trail through some pretty deep snow at times today, so it was a lot of work, but they made it.   It is a beautiful evening up there, no wind and blue skies above.   A great way to celebrate Independence day. Meerie turned…