Trip Reports

May 12 Team – At High Camp!

Grant called in to report that the team moved up to high camp at 17,200′.  This is a very long, hard day, and it sounded like the fixed lines leading to the top of the ridge were quite busy with climbers who had been stacked up during the long spell of inclement weather some days…

May 5 Team – Summit Report

Peter Horseman called in a report from 14,200′.  The team had a long, challenging, but successful summit day yesterday, with all members reaching the top!  They spent about an hour on the summit, which is a rare opportunity on Denali. They moved down to 14,200′ and will continue down to the airstrip at 7,200′, traveling…


Congratulations to the team on a successful summit yesterday evening. We don’t have a lot of details, but we know that the team reached the top of Denali at 20, 320 feet at approximately 8 PM last night. All team members descended safely and are resting at High Camp. Well done!


Mary called in the report tonight. The team cached equipment and supplies at 16,400 feet yesterday, and exhausting effort, and today they are enjoying a well deserved rest day at 14,000 feet. It sounds like the team is enjoying the beautiful views of Foraker and sitting in the sunshine. Not so bad! Here’s Mary: recording