June 9 Team Caches

The recording is a bit garbled and then it cuts off, but Travis was able to convey that the team made a cache of equipment and supplies at 9600′. The team is on a “night program” meaning that they are resting during the day and moving up the glacier at night, when temperatures are lowest.…


June 9 West Buttress team at Camp One

Mountain Trip guide Blake Gordon called in for the June 9 Denali West Buttress team, who reached Camp One at 7,800′ on the route after trekking through the Alaskan night, their path up the glacier illuminated by the midnight sun. As we approach the summer solstice, more and more daylight with prevail over the Alaska…


May 28 Shan West Buttress — Acclimatization climb on the fixed lines

Mountain Trip guide Taylor Pyle

Today they

Here’s Taylor!

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