Lead guide Seba reports that the team made the move from 14 Camp up to High Camp today. This is a beautiful ascent, starting from the Genet Basin then climbing up the fixed lines, winding up and around the ridgeline, then cresting onto the plateau where High Camp is located. The team was resting and…



Chris called in the team report today, and unfortunately the call was cut short, but he was able to communicate that the team took a rest day at beautiful 14 Camp.


Here’s Chris:


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Meet the May 30 Denali Team!

Scott Woolums might well hold the record for the most summits of Denali and we are thrilled that he is still guiding for Mountain Trip!  He called in today, while en route to the small town of Talkeetna Alaska, located at the end of the road, south and east of the vast Alaska Range and…

May 28 Denali Team Moves to Camp 1

Fischer Hazen called in on behalf of our May 28th West Buttress team.  They dropped down from Base Camp and then hiked about five miles up the vast Kahiltna Glacier to the site of their Camp 1.  Located at 7,800′, this camp is at the confluence of the Northeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier and…

West Rib Team SUMMITS!!!!!

Seth, Juliana and Pablo reached the summit and are safely back in High Camp!!! They took advantage of a break in the weather and pushed hard to make it up and down in just 9.5 hours.  They encountered light wind and even a couple of welcomed breaks of sunshine en route to the top of…

West Rib Team Makes a Summit Bid!

A very happy Pablo Puruncajas called in from the 17,200′ High Camp to let us know that he, Seth and Juliana are taking a shot at the summit today!  They awoke to calm conditions at camp, although there were signs of wind up above.  They decided to take a hike uphill to about 18,000′ at…

May 22 Team – Moved to 14,200′!

The May 22nd team called in from their new home at Camp 3, located in a huge basin at 14,200′ on Denali.  I believe Martin called in today’s post (please correct me if I am wrong!). The team moved up today and Martin shared some insights about the joys of pulling sleds in gusty wind! …

May 28 Denali Team is on the Glacier!

Our guide Josh Gardner called in from Base Camp on the Kahiltna Glacier.  The team flew in today, and have been rigging sleds and preparing for the five mile hike up the main body of the Kahiltna Glacier to 7,800′, the site of their planned Camp 1. The route actually drops down as it follows…

West Rib Team is at High Camp!

Pablo called from our West Rib Team.  They took advantage of a slight break in the weather to push hard for High Camp on the West Buttress.  Located at 17,200′, High Camp is a tough place when the wind blows hard, and Pablo reports that the wind has been blowing hard!


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