June 23 Team – Big Day Today

Our June 23 Team has successfully ascended from Camp 1 7,800 ft (2377 m) to Camp 2 11,200 ft (3413 m) in white-out conditions. Way to persevere team! This is a big move for any team even in quality weather which has been a rarity on Denali this season. Some guides have called this the least ideal climb season they’ve seen on the mountain in recent memory.

Despite the weather, this team remains in high spirits and was thrilled to be able to make it to their next camp. After the climbers set up their tents they were able to rest, rehydrate, lay out any wet gear, and had meat balls for dinner! Tap the recording link below for the full update from Mountain Trip guide Steven Burns and tune in soon for their next dispatch.


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  1. Great work Team! Heard your happy recording . Keep the good mood levels up. Sending love and positivity from Australia. Steady climbing ahead. ❤️🙏👍

  2. Wow, sounds like you are having a marvelous adventure! Keep up the great work, and we will see you before long.

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