Final Dispatch from the June 10 Team

After thirteen days stuck inside a ping pong ball, we are back in Anchorage with smiling faces and a bit of ice still melting off. While the summit is a common goal, we sometimes forget that success in the mountains is a combination of learning experiences, connecting with new friends, and getting home in good health. We were stuck in a weather hole at 11,000 feet and unfortunately were not able to move up or down the mountain, and ultimately ran out of time. Walking through the night, and freezing rain, we made it down to base camp and flew out.

Thank you so much to our team, and friends and family supporting us. It has been a difficult season, and is always difficult turning around, but because of y’all we were still able to enjoy our times in the mountains and grow as an expedition team. Safe travels to all, and hope to adventure with you again soon!
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