June 23 Team – Weather Hold at 7K

Mountain Trip apprentice guide, Stephen Burns, called in for the June 23 Team to report that the team is on a weather hold at Denali base camp 7,200 ft (2194 m) patiently waiting for a window that will allow them to move. This is a good time for teams to practice rope team skills and prepare for crossing a glacier with heavy loads. There is no shortage of tasks to fill a weather day on the West Buttress as there is always much to do.

Climbers generally carry 75L packs and 100L duffels which need frequent reorganization. During this process, climbers can set aside any surplus gear that can be “cached” as extra so they can keep the loads they are climbing with as light as possible. When tasks like these are done there’s time for self-care, rest, and fueling up on calories for the next time you are able to climb.

We hope that this team finds a weather window soon! This will allow them to officially begin their climb of the West Buttress route to give their all to reach the highest point in North America, the summit of Denali 20,300 ft (6187 m). Check back for their next update.


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