June 18 Team – Snow & High Winds at Camp 2

Mountain Trip assistant guide, Tom Huntely, called in the dispatch for the June 18 team from Camp 2 11,200 ft (3413 m). Climbing conditions fully deteriorated today with a full whiteout and approximately 40 mph winds blasting through camp. These are definitely not conditions you would want to be moving in! The team made the smart call to take a snow day in their tents, ate some excellent food, and took turns shoveling and drifting snow around camp.

Tom prepared Pesto Pasta and the team had an awesome evening huddled together in the common space of the cook tent. The team is looking forward to a break in the weather in the following days so that they can cache above Windy Corner 13,000 ft (3962 m) and eventually move to their next destination of Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m). We look forward to hearing from them again soon!


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