June 18 Team – Arrived at 14K

It’s all coming together for lead guide Jesse Wright and his June 18 team who were able to remain strong through the 6-hour climb to Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m) in marginal weather. Tap the recording link below to hear Jesse’s full update! It sounds like conditions were challenging around the technical section of Windy Corner as it was especially windy in this area.

Making the move from Camp 2 11,200 ft (3413 m) to “14 Camp” is usually a long, hard day. Climbers are rewarded with the pride of having arrived at the epicenter of Denali climbing, a multitude of camps from climbers from all over the world, and the most well-equipped camp on the route in the expansive Genet Basin. The climb in total is 2.5 miles, with 3,200 ft of elevation gain over 5-7 hours. Strong work, team!

The team had a long rest of their day setting up camp to protect against the possibility of strong winds and to make themselves as comfortable as possible for the coming days. You never know just how long you’ll be at a particular camp on the West Buttress so preparation is key. By nighttime, everyone was fed and happy to be bedding down in their tents for some well-earned rest.

Tune in soon to hear their next moves!


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