Trullaz Final Dispatch June 4 Denali WB Team

We finally got the whole team out on Friday June 23 after a rainy, snowy 4 day wait at basecamp. It seemed that if the weather was good in Talkeetna it was bad at basecamp and if it was good at basecamp  it was bad in Talkeetna and if it was good at both it was bad in between. The team ran out of beer after day 2 and things started to look real desperate. We were well prepared in the food department though, making chilequiles with our soggy chips and berry tarts with cream cheese and potato chip crunch topping! We would fall asleep to the sound of rain on the tent and the wet loose slides falling down the nearby mountains. Basecamp manager Gabby kept our hopes up each day with the same saying, “It looks promising in the afternoon.” When the first teams starting flying off on Friday, excitement was rekindled and folks were already thinking about what they were going to order at the Denali Brewpub. Later that night in Talkeetna we ended our night at the famous Fairview, which was celebrating its 100th year of slinging drinks! The team is proud of making it to 18,000 ft in a year when the success rate is hovering around 35%!



Chris Trullaz


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