May 29th West Buttress Denali Expedition – Cached near Camp 2

Buster called in from Camp 1 last night. Yesterday the team enjoyed a beautiful day caching below Camp 2. On a cache day the team will take any food and gear that they won’t need for the next few days and bury it under the snow. After they move to Camp 2, they will take a short walk down to the their cache site and dig up those supplies and carry them back to camp. Not only does this allow the team to move up the mountain with lighter loads, it also helps them acclimatize to the altitude. This is all part of a saying we like to use, “climb high, sleep low.” Giving everyone’s body’s a chance to get use to the high altitude. Depending on where they decide to put their cache, it can be anywhere from about 10,200′ to 10,800′. Camp 2 sits at about 11,200′.

Here’s Buster with the update!


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