May 22nd West Buttress Denali Expedition – Cached on 16-Ridge!

Assistant Guide Maddie from the May 22nd West Buttress Denali Expedition called in to “report live from 14,000 feet” after a successful day of caching at 16,000′! 

Here’s Maddie: Audio Recording

The team navigated the notorious fixed lines under perfect weather and it sounds like everyone on the team is feeling strong and did great. They made good time on the way back to camp and Maddie whipped up some delicious Tuna Melts for dinner.

A climber on the fixed lines, with Camp 3 in the distant background.

But what is this team most excited about??? Taking their first FULL REST DAY tomorrow and getting to sleep in until 10AM. We would say it’s well deserved, team! 

Climbers resting and enjoying the atmosphere of being on the tallest mountain in North America!


(PS: Chris here! I’m the one writing these posts, and I feel HONORED that Maddie and crew gave the “office folks” here in Telluride and Anchorage a big shout out for all the work that goes on behind the scenes. It truly takes a village to support the TWENTY Denali expeditions that we will have on the mountain this year, and we appreciate the recognition. Guides Karl and Maddie know I love a good FUNK BREAK. Thanks you two!)

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