May 19th West Buttress Denali Expedition – Planning to Move to High Camp!

Lead Guide Tom and Climber Mick called in from the May 19th West Buttress Denali Expedition to report that conditions are “sunny and gorgeous” at Camp 3 and the team is hoping to move up to High Camp tomorrow! 

Listen for some special shout outs from Mick! Audio Recording

The team has put in a cache on the 16,000′ Ridge that connects Camp 3 to High Camp, and is now planning to move up to the “upper mountain” soon.

14 Camp with the fixed lines up the Headwall in the background.

Once on the 16-Ridge, the views are INSANE and the climbing becomes full value with amazing exposure on both sides. We wish this crew the best of luck on their move up to 17,200′! 

The 16-Ridge is pretty epic!



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