May 26th West Buttress Denali Expedition – Back Carried below Camp 2

Climber Todd from the May 26th West Buttress Denali Expedition called in to report that the team is doing well and that they are fully established at Camp 2 at 11,200′! 

Todd also has some speical shout outs for the folks back home in Vermont.

Listen here: Audio Recording

The team completed their “back carry” and retrieved their cache near Kahiltna Pass to bring all of their food and gear up to Camp 2. Now they are poised to continue moving up the mountain, and will begin hoping for a good weather window (ie. not too windy) to venture around Windy Corner and establish their next cache below Camp 3. According to Todd, the team is strong and they’ve “been treated so well” by our guide team.

We love to hear it!

Camp 2 at 11,200′ on the West Buttress Route on Denali.


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