Meet the June 15 West Buttress Ski Team!

We’re honored to welcome the June 15 ski team that have trusted us to help them test their strength and fortitude on the highest mountain in North America this season! For many, reaching the summit of Denali is a lifelong goal, and the culmination of many months of training, and years spend in the mountains. The team will be making an attempt on their skis at the classic West Buttress route, which ascends over 13,000′ from base camp on the Kahiltna Glacier to the 20,310′ (6190 m) summit of Denali–the highest point in North America.

The West Buttress Route on Denali, perhaps the most classic mountaineering objective in North America, first pioneered by legendary climber Bradford Washburn. Denali is often the culmination of many years (or decades) spent climbing big mountains. Reaching the 20,310′ summit is certainly no easy undertaking: with intense storms coming in from the Arctic Circle, it’s northern latitude making the altitude more challenging, nearly 13,000′ of elevation gain from base camp to summit, not to mention likely the heaviest backpack of the climbers’ lives. But the team will be rewarded along the way with some of the most spectacular views on the planet, engaging climbing, great tent meals, supremely memorable experience, and if they’re lucky–the chance to stand at the highest point in North America.

The Mountain Trip guide team will be led by Aaron Diamond and assisted by Josh Jesperson and Brian Burger.


The team will have a satellite phone on hand and will do their best to call in a daily update as they make progress up the route. However, keep in mind that “no news is good news,” and that occasionally the team may be prevented from calling in an update due to storms or topography interfering with their reception, having nothing new to report (such as teams stuck in a storm for a period of time) or simply being too tired from a hard days’ work. Friends and family at home are encouraged to leave comments for the team, but keep in mind the climbers and guides won’t be able to see them until they return to dry land after the end of their expedition.

Best of luck to the team!

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  1. So excited for my son, Zach and Sean, and the team! God is with you all now go live your dream! And please be safe! Memories forever!

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