June 6th West Buttress Team — Chilling at Camp 14,200′

Blake calls in from Camp 14,200′ for an update. Described as having a lovely rest day inside of a ping pong ball with sun rays poking through, everyone on the team is feeling very good and healthy. The tentative plan is to move to high camp on Friday the 18th, followed by a rest day and then a summit attempt. Let’s continue to hope for sunny calm weather while everyone gears up to continue making their way onwards and upwards to the highest point in North America!



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  1. Blake so great to hear your voice and description of your day with Callie and the team! We are excited to hear more on your way to summit. Sending our love,prayers and all good thoughts to all!

  2. Hi Cal & Blake, we are so happy to hear it is going well and may be able to summit over the next few days. It’s raining cats and dogs in Mexico. Miguel and I made it back to Puerto from our haciendas. You and Cal would love them. Love you both and be safe! ❤️

  3. Wohooo keep going up! “Meow mow mew mow mow meow” (translation: we are very jealous of the chilly weather because it’s 100 in Denver right meow) -Gus & Waffle, Kelcey and Raymie the translators

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