May 27 Final Trip Report

Hello to all of those who have been following our progress up the Mountain.

Our Denali expedition has come to an end, and although not all of the team members made it to the summit, all of them gave it their best and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you to Terry, Leif, Greg and Ning for all your hard work on the mountain this year, I know each and every one of you trained your heart’s out the past few years so thank you again for putting in all the hard work necessary to climb such a challenging mountain.

All in all we had a successful trip with a limited amount of weather days bogging us down. Weather is a large factor in determining the success rate of many teams, and this year we were lucky to have had such cooperating trends that led to a successful summit. During those clear move days we had spectacular views of the surrounding Alaska Range peaks and it is those days that remind us of why we choose to climb such tough but beautiful mountains.

Every team member is slowly making the transition back from their daily tent life into home life and will hopefully be sharing their stories with close friends and family over the years to come. I hope everyone enjoyed their time out in the field and thanks again to everyone involved including other mountain trip teams and office members for their support, our success is thanks to all of you.

Thank you to everyone who followed along on this dispatch and we hope you enjoyed watching and hearing us along the way.

Lead Guide Jesse Wright


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  1. What happened to the May 30 West Buttress group? They didn’t submit a final report, but I thought you summited together. What happened to them?

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