June 3rd West Buttress Team — At High Camp

Team member Ack calls in from High Camp at 17,200′ with an update! The team was able to push through challenging weather and heavy snow to arrive at High Camp on Denali and settle into camp. They brewed up hot drinks along with freeze dried food to gas up for a night of sleep and recovery. They are now playing the game of ‘hurry up and wait’ as they are perched high up on the mountain for a summit bid. The plan is to take a rest day and attempt a climb to the summit when the weather allows. Let’s go!



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  1. John and Renata, sending you positive thoughts!! . Following you daily! You are now so close!!!

  2. John & Renata – Been following your progress and excited to see you’ve made it to the high camp. Hoping for a break in the weather so you can make your summit bid. Hang in there!

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