Day 10 at 14-Camp for the June 9 West Buttress Team

Mountain Guide Jordan Cargill called in an update from the June 9 team at–you guessed it–14,200′ Camp Three. The team has enjoyed a (very) extended stay at this camp, a season record of 10 days. This is by no means the all-time record, as we have had teams have to stick it out at 14-Camp for upwards of two weeks. Fortunately, this camp is one of the most comfortable to be stuck at for long periods of time. But hopefully they are stuck no more; with the weather steadily improving and the forecast looking good, the team will finally get their chance to bump up to High Camp at 17,200′ and hopefully that window will hold for them to make a summit push in the coming days! Patience pays off!

Chef/guide Maddie is really coming into her own with her camp cuisine during this stay at Camp Three, and the team is all perfecting their “12-hour sleep cycle,” plus additional tent naps. They will be extraordinarily well-rested for their summit attempt, as a bonus!

Here’s Jordan, reporting from the plush and probably very fine tuned and well-constructed kitchen tent:


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