June 22 “Big Knots” Team – Cache at 9,800′

Climber Lara Daniels called in an update on the June 22 “Big Knots” Team, once again from Camp One at 7,800′. The team spent today heading up the Kahiltna Glacier to cache near Ski Hill, towards the top of Kahiltna Pass at around 9,800′. Despite the stormy conditions prevailing today, the team was able to set themselves up well for a move up to Camp Two at 11,200′ tomorrow. Caching supplies and “back-carrying” to retrieve them is a highly important part of our Denali expeditions. With 22-days worth of food, fuel and supplies at the beginning of the trip, the team’s loads are very heavy. Caching helps lighten these loads and make moving between camps much easier, while also allowing the team “active rest days” to help with the acclimatization process.

Here’s Lara!


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  1. Great to hear your voice Laura!! Congrats on the start of your climb! We are cheering for you from Colorado.

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