June 13 West Buttress Team Looks Forward to a Move to High Camp

Guide Gavin Hess called in an update on the June 13 Fumich West Buttress expedition, from Camp Three at 14,200′. The team has taken four weather days now at 14-Camp, due to a large low pressure system and stormy weather hanging over the mountain. With better weather prevailing in the range, the team is planning their move up to High Camp, up to 17,200′! This will put them in place to hopefully make their summit attempt in the coming days. Their ascent up to High Camp will begin with a steep push up the imposing headwall above 14-Camp, across a bergschrund and up the fixed lines to the aesthetic and narrow 16,000′ ridge. This is one of the most beautiful sections of the entire West Buttress, with very engaging climbing, running protection, and some zones of the ridge that feature very narrow, almost knife-edge walking.

Best of luck to the team, we’re all hoping for good weather for you!

Here’s Gavin!


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