May 7 Team – Sights Set On High Camp

The May 7 Team is in high spirits after a wonderful rest day at Camp 3 14,200 ft (m) before they make their move to High Camp 17,200 ft (m). This will involve the team repeating yesterday’s journey up the Headwall and fixed lines to pick up their 16,100 ft gear cache and continue on to Denali’s highest camp on route.

At this point, the team is able to travel with only their packs and leave the sleds behind at their new home base aka 14 Camp. Traveling sled-free can feel like a major win after dragging it behind you for you two weeks! Even without the sleds, the move to Camp 4 is no doubt a strenuous day, as our loads are big and the terrain the climbers must negotiate will be steep. Rewards for their work are in the awesome climbing along the ridge with jaw-dropping views from all sides.

Weaving in and out of the rocks and occasionally walking a knife-edge stretch, combined with big exposure, make this day one of the most memorable of the route. The team can expect to gain 3000 ft (914 m) of elevation over 2 miles (3.21 km) in about 6-8 hours of climbing time. The weather is looking good so we’re confident the team will have more exciting updates for us in the coming day!


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  1. Hey Max – great stoke this morning. Always great to hear your voice. We are hoping the weather holds out for your summit in a couple of days. Go get ’em, Max.


  2. Great job Max! Can’t wait to see all your photos, especially the one with the snowman!! Looking forward to your summit . 😊 xoxo Mom

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