May 8 Team – Calling in from the Summit!

The May 8th team called in with the dispatch that every climbing team on the West Buttress hopes they will be able to make it during their climb – the crew has officially made it to the high point of North America 20,300 ft (6187 m)!

We’re so psyched to hear that the team was able to pull off an achievement of a lifetime! Their ascent of Denali is an experience that they will remember forever. Summit day in particular is often the most grueling day of the expedition (some climbers say of their lives!). Generally, this climbing day is 5 miles (8 km) round-trip, with  3,000 ft (914 m) of elevation gain and loss over the course of 9-12+ hours.

Altogether the team made the summit happen after 17 fun, but physically strenuous and mentally taxing days on route. To be able to summit on Denali we know this team had their dynamics dialed, their mental game strong, and their fitness at an all-time high. All of us back home commend your strong work, friends!

From what we hear from our Mountain Trip guide, Aarron, everyone is healthy, happy, and in high spirits at the top of the route. They will send another dispatch in when they return to High Camp 17,200 ft (m). Safe travels, crew & congratulations! Drop them a comment below if you’re following along – they did it!


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