May 10 Team – Dispatch from High Camp

Mountain trip guide Logan called in with great news from our May 10 Team. The crew reached High Camp 17,200 ft in beautiful weather early yesterday afternoon after climbing 3000 ft. steep terrain from Camp 3 14,200. This is a huge accomplishment and the climbers should be proud of how far they’ve come!

Not only did they complete one of the most strenuous sections of climbing the route has to offer, everyone on this team is acclimatizing well. If you’ve ever had Acute Mountain Sickness or experienced altitude-related illness you know it is downright debilitating. The gradual exposure to increasing elevation has served the team well!

Spirits are high and the crew is in good health. After a warm dinner in the cook tent, the team went to bed early to get their last full night of sleep before their summit attempt the day after tomorrow. We look forward to hearing an update from these folks soon!


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