May 13 Team – Ascending the Fixed Lines

The May 13 team continues to do well as they settle into life at Camp 3 14,200 ft. After a well-deserved “chill day” the climbers got to work practicing the techniques that they will use to ascend the fixed lines tomorrow to haul gear to the cache site at 16,100 ft (4907 m).

Our goal is to cache supplies up on the ridge above us and return to 14,200 ft (4328 m). Climbing up the “Headwall” with a heavy pack makes this one of the more strenuous days of the trip because of the steep terrain and thinning air. High on a beautiful ridge climbers are rewarded with gorgeous 360-degree views.

This climb day will serve as the test run for the team’s next big move to High Camp 17,200 ft (m). We’re sure the guides are feeding them well tonight to fuel up for the day ahead. Good luck, climbers – we’re cheering you on from here!

P.S. Check out the photo below to see where they’re headed.


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