May 21 Team – Cache at Kahiltna Pass

The May 21 Team is feeling strong after hauling loads up Kahiltna Pass and digging in a gear cache for themselves. This day of the trip starts with the team heading out of Camp 1 7,800 ft (m) and carrying loads up the 1,800 ft (548 m) Ski Hill.

This is a moderately difficult carry of 7-9 miles round-trip, with 2,000 ft (609 m) to 3,000 ft (914 m) of elevation gain and a return to Camp 1 7,800 ft (2377 m) for the night.

This is a good warm-up for the upcoming days. Throughout the expedition, we will typically follow the “climb high, sleep low” technique for better acclimatization. The team’s next destination will be Camp 2 11,000 ft. The weather has been trending towards clear with good visibility. We hope it continues – be sure to follow along tomorrow for another update on this team’s progress.


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  1. Hi ran
    Good to hear from you
    We are starting to cook for you
    I will contact Wolt maybe they can deliver to the mountain (-:
    Be strong as always
    We all love you very much

  2. Very good news , keep strong Celine as always and wish you and all the best of strength to accomplish this challenge .. Love from us at home

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