May 21 Team – Watching the Wind Up High

Celine Xuereb called in from the broad Genet Basin at 14,200′ (4328m) with an update from the team. They are poised and ready to move up to high camp, as soon as the winds above over the upper mountain. They placed their cache on the ridge two days ago and have been waiting, watching, and building their base of acclimatization in anticipation of the tough day climbing 3000 feet up to Camp 4.

Everyone is in high spirits. If there is a place on the mountain to have to spend an extra day or three, it is this camp. The elevation is a really good one for gaining acclimatization, and not so high that it overly taxes their bodies.

A fun fact!! This is the first post Mountain Trip has ever had in Maltese! Thanks, Celine!



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