May 17 Team – Edge of the World

The May 17 Team has decided to take an extra rest day at Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m) while waiting for better weather to move up to High Camp 17,200 ft (5242 m). From climber Martin’s dispatch we hear that after a day of resting in tents, the team took a short walk out to the glacier to stand on a feature called the “Edge of the World”, pictured below! The 6,000 ft (1829 m) drop-off makes for a dramatic photo op and a popular rest day destination.

It is common to spend a few days at Camp 3 before moving up the headwall. Weather can vary drastically by elevation on Denali and often while basking in the sun at “14 Camp” you could look up to see high storms storming on the “16 Ridge” above. Best to stay put and continue to evaluate the weather. Meal times can be the highlight of rest days at times as it brings everyone together, gives you something to do, and is always delicious.

In the evening, the team dined on fish tacos while contemplating their next moves and briefing on options for tomorrow. Fingers crossed for clear weather!


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  1. Here’s to clearing weather up above! The mom in me is happy you are getting to rest and recharge those batteries! Take in all the beauty that so few ever experience! Stay safe! We love you Tim!

    • We’re pulling for you Timmy! Hope it’s not too bone chilling cold up there and the rest days do in fact give you rest. Good luck the rest of the way!

  2. Best birthday present ever hearing from you Marty on my birthday . So pleased to hear how great things are going for you all . Currently sitting in Dubai airport sending you much love . Paula xxxxx

  3. Donna – Christopher’s Mom thinking of you and your team I am happy you have an awesome group on this challenging and great adventure

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