May 8th Team – Final Dispatch from Anchorage

Guide Chris Dickson called in from Anchorage with the May 8th team’s final dispatch. They flew off the glacier yesterday morning, showered, ate and drove back to Anchorage that night. The crew is starting to make their respective ways homeward, but some of the boys are first going to treat themselves to… Well, you should listen to find out!

Thanks to everyone who supported the climbers. We’d like to extend a hearty congratulations for strong work done amidst challenging conditions!!


PS – If you didn’t quite get enough of Chris Dickson’s melodious voice (THAT VOICE!), we encourage you to check out his podcast, the San Juan Snowcast.

For the past couple of years, Chris published a weekly podcast that is intended to help backcountry enthusiasts track the snow conditions in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, but it is much, much more than that. He delves into the full spectrum of topics that everyone who spends time in the backcountry will come to face, from goofy chats on the front porch with ski-buddies to the difficult, but very real topics of loss and grief that are inextricably tied to spending time in the backcountry. If you have an interest in how folks manage risk in risky places, you’ll find the San Juan Snowcast on Apple, and other places you get podcasts.

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  1. Well done team!!

    And what a great idea to get pampered and treat your exhausted feet 👣 before heading home ☺️

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