May 17 Team – Life is Good at Camp 3

It’s a great day to hear from our Mountain Trip friend and guide for the May 17 team, Karl Welter! He really paints the picture for us today of how good life can be at Camp 3 14,200 ft (4328 m)! Tap the audio link below to hear his full dispatch & his shout-out to his family back home!

The team is currently hanging out in their down booties (a must on any Denali gear list!) while their climbing boots dry from a long day of exception climbing on the Headwall above camp to the 16,000 ft (4876 m) ridge cache site! Epic work, team!

The headwall is a vertical section of about 1,000 ft (305 m) that Denali National Park Service rangers set “fixed lines” from the top to the bottom that climbers use technical climbing gear to ascend. This day requires ditching your snowshoes and sleds for an alpine harness and crampons.

The team made quick work of this section climbing onto the ridge to their cache site and was able to experience the 360-degree mountain views in gorgeous weather with light winds. Back at camp, the climbers are sweating through their hats and putting on sunscreen for their moms back home!

Tuna melts for dinner made for big smiles for the team all around. Excited to hear their next moves!


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  1. So exciting you guys went up to 16 and the weather has been good! Keeping wearing that sunscreen!
    ❤️ you!

  2. I am so impressed with your ascent so far. Enjoy the grand and glorious moments…I’m cheering you on every steps of the way!

  3. Hey Karl! Gram loved your shout out! She’s so proud of you and your team. Smiles and love back at you. (And glad you are using the sunscreen! 😉❤️🌞). Xoxox, Mom 💗

  4. Loving hearing all of the updates! You guys are crushing it. Keep up the great work. Sending love from Charleston!

  5. I am in AWE of your accomplishments so far team!!
    and super glad to hear that mother nature is cooperating- we are sending good wishes and prayers for a safe and successful ascent!! lots of love to Tim from the Clark family on the Jersey Shore!!

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