May 21st Denali Team – Acclimatizing at 14K

Lead Guide (and proud Dad!) Jed Porter rang from 14,200 feet (4328 m) on Denali. The team spent today in camp, resting and acclimatizing. Oh yes… and eating! Jed mentions real maple syrup, which must have been a treat for the climbers.

Weather in camp was stormy today, but their tents are well protected and they were able to relax during the day. The plan now is to keep an eye on weather trends and make the big push three thousand feet higher to their High Camp for the expedition. Climbing back up the fixed lines and then another thousand feet up the stunning ridge to 17,200 feet (5240 m) is tough. But – they have prepared well and the days spent at Camp 3 have probably built a solid foundation of acclimatization.

Jed shares an anecdote that brought a HUGE smile to my face, and I hope it resonates with all y’all.


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  1. Hi Ran
    Good to hear your voice
    What do you think it is Misgav’s annual high school trip with joints and beer…(-:
    But we think you’ll enjoy it
    We all love you and continue to follow you
    So keep it up

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