May 13 Team – Turned Around by Strong Winds

Assistant guide, Maddie Crowell, called in for the May 13 team from a safe and warm shelter at Camp 4 17,200 ft (5242 m). The team is proud to say that they made a very strong second attempt at the Denali’s high point of 20,300 ft (6187 m). While the day started out clear arriving at Denali Pass 18,000 ft (5486 m) the team encountered dangerously strong winds and dropping temperatures.

While it is always a tough call to turn around our guides and climbers rose to the occasion to make the call that would guarantee that they all get back to Camp 4 safely. There are some big risks in continuing to push for a summit in deteriorating weather including frostbite, hypothermia, and reduced visibility for travel. This is where any latent “summit fever” needs to be brought in line with valuing a happy, healthy crew and a group that has already achieved so much on their expedition of a lifetime. Really strong work, everyone!

Tomorrow the team will begin the descent back to base camp and the journey home to Talkeetna, AK. Due to warm evening temperatures this time of year, the team may travel through the night to get themselves back down to 7,200 ft and in the queue for their flight out. They hope to dispatch again before they fly. Drop a comment below to show this team some love!


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  1. Top of the world! Amazing, glad you are all well and warm! Can’t wait to see your pics, what a view!!!!

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