May 17 Team – Calm after the Storm at 17K

May 17 team member and climber, David, called in with news from Camp 4 17,200 ft (5242 m), aka “High Camp”. Last night a storm rolled through camp with high winds but, the team is safe, and the snow walls they built to protect their tents all held. Preparation truly pays off! Had the team not put this protection in place they could be calling in with a very different update this morning.

This team has been on Denali for 16 days and has traveled a whopping 9,400 ft (2865 m) so far! Along the way, they’ve made memories that will last a lifetime and have become masters at prepping their camp for the weather. Strong work, everyone! High winds pose major concerns and so much of what a climbing team does when they set up and “dig in” their camps along the West Buttress route. All gear must be staked down taut and buried 6 inches to 1 ft deep into the snow is done with the potential for strong winds in mind. Tents for Denali must be rated as “double-wall” and physical barriers like snow walls around the tent site are essential to put in place as your team moves higher on the route into more exposed terrain.

The team is hoping that the weather will stay clear so they can take one more shot at the highest point in North America 20,300 ft (6187 m) in the coming days. We can’t wait to hear how it goes. Good luck, team!


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  1. Good work with the snow walls! Sounds like a great team!! Good luck — cheering you on for a safe and successful summit!
    Miss you, Tim!

  2. Hi David. I was so glad to hear your message. Good job with the snow walls! Glad you are all safe and I know you will make that summit!! Love you and tell everyone hi from all of us.

  3. So happy to hear your voice david! Cheering you on for more calm days ahead and best wishes on a successful summit!

  4. Chris and Team – we are all keeping our fingers crossed – you guys make it to the summit !. Positive vibes your way

  5. Glad to hear those snow walls held up through the storm!! Hope the blue skies stick around so you can make the final push!!! We’re cheering for you, Tim & The May 17th Crew!

  6. Keep up the great work all!! Sending good vibes for clear skies and light winds to let you summit soon!! So proud of you Tim and the whole team!!

  7. Applause and cheers to all of you! Sounds like your great work paid off and kept you safe. Wonderful to hear your voice David! Hoping for better weather in the coming days

  8. I’m joining the cheering crew from below to wish your team fair skies, light winds and positive energy for a successful summit!

  9. Wow, so proud and in awe of you Timmy & this whole team!! Cheering you on from NYC and hoping that the blue skies continue for you to make that final push!

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