May 25 Team – Fish Tacos & Chilean Reggae

Our May 25 crew is currently vying with all other Mountain Trip guide teams for who has the cleverest dispatches! Tap the recording link below to listen in on what it’s like to be enjoying fish tacos and Chilean reggae music at Camp 2 11,200 ft (3413 m)! Life on Denali is truly what you make it and it’s clear these folks have chosen to make “thrive not survive” their team motto!

When they’re not living it up at camp and getting to know each other better the team got out for a long walk to their cache site above Windy Corner 13,000 ft (3962 m). To get here the climbers and guides started steep snow climbing up the 1,000 ft (305 m) high Motorcycle Hill rewards climbers with spectacular views. The total distance for the day is about four miles round trip over 6-7 hours. Fun climbing with crampons and an ice axe got the team around Windy Corner where their big objective, the summit of Denali 20,300 ft (6188 m) came into view!

Back at camp the team sat down over a delicious dinner and called in all of the things they have found the most surprising since arriving on the mountain! A few of the team’s top surprises? The wide array of hot drinks, the rapid temperature changes, and the high-quality food have all been surprising to our climbers. Tap the link below to hear their full update.


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