May 13 Team – Going Home

Climber Kyle called the dispatch for the May 13 Team tonight to report some big news! The crew is heading home after giving this climb and their summit day attempt their absolute all! The team set out of Camp 4 17,200 ft (5242 m) yesterday in cold, clear weather they had hoped would allow them to climb to Denali’s summit 20,300 ft (6187 m) in one 9-12 hour round trip. However, when they arrived at Denali Pass the winds picked up and temperatures dropped. Tap the link here to view the Google Earth map of the exposed zone where the team encountered the deteriorating weather:

From Denali Pass, the team made the tough call to return back down to Camp 4 17,200 ft (5242 m) along with all other guide teams that day. The team should be so proud and stoked for how far they were able to come! We’re psyched to hear that before they were turned around by the weather the team successfully crossed off the most popular technical sections of the upper mountain, the Autobahn. This portion of the route is a spectacular traverse with huge views and exposures. This is one of the most accident-prone areas and when conditions are firm a slip can pull an entire rope team off the side of the mountain. For this reason, the rope team clips established protection while they are moving.

Safe and sound back in their tents the team enjoyed the best dehydrated meals they’ve ever had in the never setting arctic sun. Now, they wait for the weather to move back down the mountain. Sending love to everyone back home! We look forward to hearing from this team back at base camp 7,200 ft (2194 m).


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  1. Glad to hear everyone is safe and sound after what sounds like some tough weather. We’ll do a sun dance here to try to help you out ☺️ we love you David and good luck to the team!

  2. From Christopher’s Mom – Donna. I admire all your strength and determination fighting against Mother Nature and the rough elements. Making it as far as you have is amazing! You are all winners in my book. I would be lucky to last 5 seconds up there. The views, friendships and memories you take from this experience no one can ever take from you.

  3. Sending you so much love and the best of everything for a successful summit. Much much love Paula xxx

    • Absolutely a huge accomplishment under extremely adverse weather conditions! I hope the May 17 team is as proud of themselves as we all are! I agree- I wouldn’t last 5 seconds up there! I’m glad I’m hearing about the Autobahn AFTER you successfully navigated it! I’m in awe of your physical and mental strength as you climbed Denali! Safe travels as you head home; may you have better weather with each step. We love you Tim!

  4. Marty, well done to get up there, now you know you have it in you. Big shout out and Respect. Best wishes for a safe descent, mon ami. Looking forward to spending some time on the river with you and hearing your stories. Pi,

  5. Francisco, well done! I’m sure it was worth it every single moment there. Congratulations to all of you in all the cases 👏🏽

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