May 17 Team – High Winds at 17K

Mountain Trip lead guide, Karl Welter, called in with an update from his sleeping bag at Camp 4 17,200 ft (m) after what he describes as “getting continually battered by the wind for the last 20 hours”. They are safe, warm, and cozy but, would love to be able to move as soon as the weather allows.

Since they’ve been staying close to the tents in low visibility it’s been valuable to have technology like the Garmin in-reach and guide radios to check in with other teams on the mountain. Karl was able to confirm that they are indeed not the only ones hunkered down in this storm. Do your clear weather dances. We’ll be here with the update tomorrow. Tap the recording link below to hear his full update!


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  1. Good to hear your voice, Karl! Sorry it has been so blustery, but glad you are all healthy, warm and in good spirits. Safe trekking…as they say it’s not the destination, but the awesome journey you are all making of it. Love, Mom xoxox

  2. We’re doing the clear weather dance in NYC. Stay safe – hope it wind dies down soon.

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