May 25 Team – Dining on Denali

The May 25 Team called in from Camp 3 14,200 ft (m). They are holding here waiting for the high winds and snow storms to subside all over the mountain. As the most well-equipped camp on the West Buttress route, this crew is lucky to be holding here over anywhere else on the route.

To continue with the theme of keeping their dispatches interesting the team called in tonight to let us know all of the favorite cook tent meals they’ve had so far on their trip. Our guides double as backcountry chefs who operate in dug-out snow kitchens with a tarp over them making some incredible cuisine over isobutane camp stoves. Favorites include French toast, grilled PB&J, and Thanksgiving dinner! Tap below to hear the full update, it’s worth a listen.


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  1. Soo close to hearing from everyone on this recording, a full 2 min !

    Very happy to hear there is good hot food on the mountain to fuel everyone properly for such strenuous activity. Keep up the fun topics for the recordings, sounds like an awesome and fun group to be in!

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