May 17 Team – On the Descent

Climber Antonio called in for the May 17 Team as they make their way back down the West Buttress Route from their high point of Camp 4 17,200 m (5242 m). Tap his recording link below to hear the full dispatch. The descent from High Camp takes one to two days, depending on the team’s strength and motivation to get home. The descent can beat you up more than the ascent, as we often shoulder our heaviest loads of the trip hiking down from High Camp to Camp 2. Weather dictates when we can fly out to Talkeetna for food and showers. Not much beats a steak and salad at the West Rib Tavern after working hard on Denali!

We look forward to hearing from them when they arrive at basecamp 7,200 ft (2194 m) – stay tuned for the update!



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  1. Great to hear your voice Antonio. I played it a few times for the girls and they were excited! Congrats to the team on all your hard work and strength. It’s been fun cheering for you all.
    -Kelly, Ger, Tigre and the girls

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