May 29 Simmons West Buttress Team – at 14,200′

We haven’t heard from the Simmons team in a few days, but they have been busy.  On Saturday, they pushed up to the broad basin camp at 14,200′ and established what could be viewed as their “Advanced Base Camp,” because they will spend a number of days at this camp, preparing for their next move up to high camp.  The elevation of this camp is conducive to building a good foundation of acclimatization and each day spent is worth it!

Yesterday, the team dropped back down to the site of their last cache of supplies, which they buried in a hole in the snow at an elevation of about 13,500′.  They dug it all out and carried it the hour back up hill to their new camp.  Thus resupplied, they are in position to move high as soon as the weather allows!

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