A Cut Off Post From the Upper Rib Cutoff!

Pi called in to let us all know that the team did, indeed, take the rest day that they had planned today.  After carrying high on the West Rib, they opted to give their bodies a bit of a break and take it easy today.  From the sound of the food menu today, I suspect they packed on some calories as well!  Eggs Benedict and French Dip?!?

The weather looks a bit iffy for the next couple of days, with slightly high winds predicted for 14,000′ and above, but things look like they will improve later in the week.

The team has been great about passing the phone to each of the three members, but tonight, the vagaries of technology dropped the call, just as Scot began to speak.

Here is Peter:


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  1. Scot, great to hear of your progress on the Rib. My attempts on McKinley were on this same route, so the mention of the camps and landmarks in the updates bring back good memories. Sounds like your diet is a lot better than mine was on the mountain!

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