May 16 Denali Team – A Trip Recap From The Guides

Here is our final dispatch for the May 16 West Buttress trip!  We are all either back in Anchorage, or have headed home.  We have been sitting around reflecting on our last three weeks, and we all agreed that this was the most cohesive group of climbers with whom we have had the pleasure of sharing an expedition.

Great senses of humor from all team members complimented our diverse backgrounds, to make for a group with life stories and jokes that entertained us all.  Even when things looked improbable as teams continually retreated from Camp 3, the mood remained light as we cheered and talked trash whilst playing cards late into the evening.

Patience persevered, as we watched in anticipation as our weather window opened.  Teams too eager went up before the window and were forced to turn back, some suffering cold injuries.  We knew what day was best and so we staged our ascent to coincide with it.  With one sunny day in the forecast out of the last 20 we headed up and made it happen!

Thanks to everyone for the good times, and for your trust.  You all deserved the success you earned.  Wishing you all a safe trip home, and we hope your “vacation” has left you feeling excited to return to the office chair and warm cup of java/tea.

Warm regards,

Yoshiko, Alan and Brian.


The Team, about to fly to the glacier (you can tell by how fresh they all look!). From left: Ray, Caroline, Jason,Yoshiko, Rob, Brian, Nungshi (?), Tashi (?), and Alan. Those identical twins sure make it tough to identify one from the other!!

Denali cook tent

A bird’s eye view of life in the cook tent!

Denali Summit

Nungshi/Tashi stepping up onto the summit, with the dramatic summit ridge behind her!

Denali summit

The team on the summit of Denali!!! (From left: Rob, Ray, Nungshi/Tashi, Caroline and Jason)




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  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. What memories you will have of this trip. You worked together as a team and you were rewarded with a successful summit. Congratulations to each one of you!!

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