May 26 WB Team – Un Mensaje Especial Para Loco!

Scott Talmage called in after the team carried a load of supplies to about 15,600′, and cached them at the base of the fixed lies that lead up the steepest part of the route, a section called the Headwall.  The weather was not cooperative today, so they dropped their loads and did a quick practice climb up part of the fixed lines.

These are ropes that are affixed into the steep ice of the Headwall at semi-regular intervals.  Climbers, tethered to mechanical ascenders (a type of rope clamp), clip themselves into these ropes to guard against a slip as they ascend the steep terrain.  Such fixed lines are not found on many peaks, and we like to help climbers practice how to pass the numerous anchors and how to move efficiently up the lines, before we commit to going up to High Camp.

Scott called out a special message to a good friend, who had planned on joining the team for months.  Unfortunately, an injury prevented him from being able to ultimately climb up Denali with his amigos.  Loco, you have a lot of friends wishing you well and thinking of you from parts north of Chile!


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  1. Hey guys, very moved by your message. We have been following the expedition. Ema was born yesterday, and we hope that Camilo will join this week.
    Remember to take many photos to share with us after the summit, best wishes to you all!

  2. Gooood Moooorning Team!!!

    We have been following the expedition. Its look like it has been a tough trip, and you still have 3.000 feets left to climb.

    I know you have to be there to feel what it really means to climb the Denali. But I know it is all about team work, about overcome yourself, and persevere.

    We are really exited about what you are doing there. Keep going and don`t stop until you have reach your goal.

  3. Hi guys,

    Just checking the webpage so I can keep track of you. It’s seems that you are already walking that extra mile. Keep doing it. Special greetings for the undercover Chilean monsters that you have over there, Alf and Shreck.

    Catalina and baby Filipa also send their best wishes.

  4. Good luck in the final stage of this gorgeous giant…
    all best wishes and Juan Pablo, hope you get a new 6000m

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