May 22 Team – Rough Night At High Camp and Descent Back To BC

We’ve not heard from the May 22 team in a few days, as they were busy managing themselves in some pretty rough weather up at the 17,200′ High Camp after moving high on Friday.  Saturday they made the decision to “get the heck outta there,” as the rough weather looks like it will continue through Wednesday.  Faced with the choice of dropping down to 14,200′ to wait out the weather, which would require all team members to miss their return flights, etc, they elected to call it and have descended back to Base Camp.

Tough decisions like this are part of climbing in the big, cold mountains.  Every choice is a compromise on some level, and in this instance, the team chose to get down while the weather permitted it, rather than continue to wait it out.  Choosing to attempt a big mountain requires juggling of life’s numerous commitments.  Making the time to even attempt a big peak is a challenge, and extending yourself beyond the days you have already wrangled free from work, etc is just not always possible…

The team is in Base Camp right now, and they hope to fly off the glacier in a couple of hours.

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  1. I’ve been wondering what was going on up there the last couple of days. Big mountains require tough decisions. I’m glad you are all returning home safe. I know it is cliche, but the mountain will still be there. Looking forward to seeing you, Amy!

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