June 23rd Team Backcarried from 14,200′

Dawn Weaver called in from 14,200′ after the team took a rather leisurely day today.  They slept in this morning, getting some well deserved rest following the tough day of moving up from 11,200′ the day before.  The smell of pancakes grilling in the kitchen tent greeted the climbers when they awoke.  After a slow morning of many cups of hit drinks, the team shouldered their packs for the short hike down to the cache site below camp.


A Mountain Trip team drops down from 14,200′ to retrieve their cache at 13,500′.

Arriving above Windy Corner, they dug up their supplies, which had been buried in the snow as a safeguard against the tenacity of the ravens, which are habituated to associating climber caches with food sources.  Distributing the loads, they hiked a bit more than an hour back up to camp.  In the afternoon, they reviewed some skills before wandering into the kitchen tent in the evening for the evening’s dinner fare: guacamole/bacon cheese burgers!

Here is Dawn!

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  1. Woohoo!! I feel like pancakes are a good sign for what’s to come (good things) 🙂 You guys are getting so close!

  2. Proud of you girl and the others, hope you all get great weather and have a safe time to the top and back Can’t wait to see you and here how the rest of the trip was. Love you Brandyn

  3. Hi Will!
    It is sooo good to know that you and your team are safe and doing such a great job!!
    Happy to get news from you, and counting the days to see you again. Te amo 🙂

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