The team gave the summit a really good attempt, but it wasn’t in the cards. They headed to the top two days ago, but it was slow going and they had some issues with one climber having trouble with a crampon falling off.  They topped out at approximately 18,200′ and had a pow wow, in which the guides expressed their opinion that given the conditions of the day, they were moving a bit too slowly to safely make it up and back.

They decided to drop back to High Camp to reassess their options.  On the descent back down, the group moved really slowly, and it sounds like some of the climbers had difficulty descending the steep terrain and there were some slips that were all caught and not too big a deal unto themselves, but the overall pace and the slips made the guides pretty uncomfortable about heading back up.

They spent some time at High Camp watching the weather, evaluating their options, and sorting out what the next step of their team plan would be.  Ultimately the team made the difficult decision to descend, and they are currently making their way back to Base Camp. Good job, team.
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  1. Sorry you Guys. Seems like you made the right decision, the safe one…Hey, I bet you will all be back to Denali, , I KNOW ONE that will.
    Wayne, the kids and I have had a blast watching your team through these posts. Way to go guy..love u Jenny

  2. Disappointed for all of you but it sounds like you all gave your best effort and made a wise group decision. Enjoy your descent knowing you gave it your best shot. Looking forward to seeing you soon Jacqueline. Hugs and best wishes to all!

  3. Hi Wayne, sorry to hear you didn’t quite get there, but safety is No1 and the guides always make the best decision for the team. Have a sourdough hotcake at the Roadhouse and start to formulate plans for your second attempt…the mountain will always be there

  4. Great job guys. You really gave it a good go. Wayne, getting to the top would have been sweet but the adventure is just being in Alaska on Denali.

  5. Hi Wayne
    Sounds like the weather may have not been in your favor. Always better safe than sorry and besides – life is the journey not the destination. Know you all did great under the circumstances. Nothing is worth someone getting hurt. Continue to travel safe and I can’t wait to hear the details when you get home. Your the best!

  6. Caitlin, Dan, Jacqueline, Wayne, and Margaret, commiserations to you all. I assume you are all reasonably unscathed. Not everyone is so fortunate. You must have some brilliant photos to take home. We are all waiting to have you home safe with our love, hear of your adventures, and see some awesome pics. Come home soon, Stephen.

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