June 23rd Denali Team Caches gear at 16,400 ft

The team enjoyed a break in the weather today and took advantage of the nice day by climbing up out of the 14,000 ft basin and caching food and fuel up near high camp in preparation to move on up. They are doing great and hoping for some nice weather so they can move up to high camp and head up to the summit!


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  1. Will, glad you got a sunny day. Keep climbing upward. We are enjoying a hot sunny day in Florida. It’s 90 here. Hopefully it gets above 0 for you today! Love ya! Praying for you and your team. -Dan

  2. So you have gone to new heights to celebrate the 4th of July! Hooray for you at 16,400′ and us at about 3′ in Tampa on our peninsula on a peninsula. Cheers and blessings! I love being able to cheer you on this way.

  3. Hi Will,
    Happy Independence day!! Cool place to celebrate it!
    It is wonderful to get good news from you and your team. You are safe, enjoying it, and doing such a great job!. 🙂 🙂
    See you in 20 days! Te amo

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