Puja Ceremony at Everest Base Camp

Hi everyone it’s Vanessa again!

Today we woke up to clouds and lots of wind, but fortunately the skies cleared in time for our Puja Ceremony.

After breakfast, the crew was working furiously to get the Stupa set up in time for our ceremony. The Puja is an important ceremony where we pay respect to the mountain and offer blessings for safe passage before heading up onto Mount Everest.

Our Puja consisted of a Lama (Monk) and our entire crew participating in prayers, rice and flour throwing, and 3 sips of strong whiskey (just to name a few things from our 3-hour ceremony!).

everest puja ceremony

The stupa was covered in beautiful decorations and sculptures made out of butter and tsampa, with plates full of food and drinks as offerings. It was incredible to witness and to be a part of.

everest puja

We are looking forward to starting the climb up to Camp 1 and 2 in the next couple of days now that we having the blessing to move forward.  I was extra fortunate to take a shower here at base camp today and put on clean clothes!

Tonight we will continue to organize gear that will be sent up the mountain, followed by another 5-star meal and maybe an episode of 30 Rock.


Everest 2016 vanessa and greg

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